15-hour Office Yoga Virtual Teacher Training by Kim Sin

This 15-hour comprehensive course with supplemental resources gives you the complete A-Z guide on starting and teaching an office yoga practice. This is the first of its kind that gives you 8 years of experience condensed into an easy to follow guide to growing your own business.

Course Outline:

Welcome - Course Overview

  • What is Office Yoga
  • Benefits of Office Yoga?
  • Strain of Office Work

Understanding your Client

  • Their Goals
  • Mixed Variables
  • Flexibility in Space

Honing In

  • Your Offering/Product

Essential Teaching Skills

  • Professionalism
  • Accessibility in Language
  • Teaching Instructions
  • Working with Injuries
  • Adjustments: includes 'Giving Adjustments' Tutorial
  • Demoing
  • Teaching Beginner’s: includes 30 min Practice Video
  • Teaching Mixed Levels: includes 30 min Practice Video and ‘How to Give Options’ Video
  • Sequencing: includes 10 Sequence Templates
  • Stress Reduction and Mindfulness Techniques

Building Your Brand and Business

Part 1 - Developing and Delivering a Brand

Defining Your Brand Personality and Mission

  • Choosing a Website Platform
  • Making a Business Plan Outline

*Includes Branding Worksheet and 2 Brand Inspiration Exercises 

Part 2. Personal Networking and Referrals:

Quick and Easy Sales Action Plan

How to Land Sub Positions

Outreach via email, Linked in and Referrals 

Customer Service

  • Keeping Clients Happy
  • Gathering Testimonials/Feedback
  • Tracking Participation

*Includes: 8 Do's and Don't's for Any Sales Process

Part 3. Reaching Your Customers Online

Intro: The Difference Between Sales and Marketing

  • SEO (search engine optimization) how to Rank in Google
  • Increasing Your Google Authority
  • Paid Google Adwords
  • Creating Offers and Calls to Action
  • Managing Email and Social Channels
  • Keeping Customers Engaged
  • Staying Authentic With Your Approach

Part 4. Promotional Tools and Partnership Logistics

  • Developing a Resume
  • Company One Pager
  • Pricing, What to Charge
  • Contracts, and Payments

*Includes 5 Templates and Samples

Special Training Bonus:

  • Top Office Yoga Poses
  • 30 min Guided Meditation Video
  • 10 min Desk and Chair Yoga Practice for Upper Body Opening

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