15-hour Office Yoga Virtual Teacher Training by Kim Sin

This 15-hour comprehensive course with supplemental resources gives you the complete A-Z guide on starting and teaching an office yoga practice. This is the first of its kind that gives you 8 years of experience condensed into an easy to follow guide to growing your own business.

Course Outline:

Welcome - Course Overview

  • What is Office Yoga
  • Benefits of Office Yoga?
  • Strain of Office Work

Understanding your Client

  • Their Goals
  • Mixed Variables
  • Flexibility in Space

Honing In

  • Your Offering/Product

Essential Teaching Skills

  • Professionalism
  • Accessibility in Language
  • Teaching Instructions
  • Working with Injuries
  • Adjustments: includes 'Giving Adjustments' Tutorial
  • Demoing
  • Teaching Beginner’s: includes 30 min Practice Video
  • Teaching Mixed Levels: includes 30 min Practice Video and ‘How to Give Options’ Video
  • Sequencing: includes 10 Sequence Templates
  • Stress Reduction and Mindfulness Techniques

Building Your Brand and Business

Part 1 - Developing and Delivering a Brand

Defining Your Brand Personality and Mission

  • Choosing a Website Platform
  • Making a Business Plan Outline

*Includes Branding Worksheet and 2 Brand Inspiration Exercises 

Part 2. Personal Networking and Referrals:

Quick and Easy Sales Action Plan

How to Land Sub Positions

Outreach via email, Linked in and Referrals 

Customer Service

  • Keeping Clients Happy
  • Gathering Testimonials/Feedback
  • Tracking Participation

*Includes: 8 Do's and Don't's for Any Sales Process

Part 3. Reaching Your Customers Online

Intro: The Difference Between Sales and Marketing

  • SEO (search engine optimization) how to Rank in Google
  • Increasing Your Google Authority
  • Paid Google Adwords
  • Creating Offers and Calls to Action
  • Managing Email and Social Channels
  • Keeping Customers Engaged
  • Staying Authentic With Your Approach

Part 4. Promotional Tools and Partnership Logistics

  • Developing a Resume
  • Company One Pager
  • Pricing, What to Charge
  • Contracts, and Payments

*Includes 5 Templates and Samples

Special Training Bonus:

  • Top Office Yoga Poses
  • 30 min Guided Meditation Video
  • 10 min Desk and Chair Yoga Practice for Upper Body Opening

Office Yoga Virtual Teacher Training

This comprehensive 15 hour training with supplemental materials provides you with everything you need to teach, manage and market a successful corporate yoga teaching practice. 

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